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Newsletter March 2024

At Touring South Africa we are excited to contribute to our commitment in providing quality tours and excursions to our guests, and are constantly improving and designing new itineraries and excursions for our portfolio. Our Namaqualand tour offerings for 2024 will be extended, and it is always a spectacular experience with the know-how of Touring South Africa

Our improved Namaqualand itineraries, where we fly in from Gauteng (Johannesburg) and join our guests from Cape Town, for a 6 day tour of the West Coact and Namaqualand, are retained.
All the best sites are included, and guests can join us on a wild flower tour of magnitude in the most abundand, specie rich, wild flower area in the world..

The Kruger National Park tour is offered with an exciting few days, to experience the wildlife in their natural habitat, which is still a unique memory maker for all.

The Geotrail on the border to eSwatini (Swaziland) is a must see for any geo-enthusiast, since it lies within the oldest mountains on earth.

Join us for your next adventure!

Newsletter April 2021

Touring South Africa was fortunate to fit in between lock-downs, a Namaqualand tour in 2020, and it was spectacular! - one of the best years in many - we saw species that we haven't seen in a long time, and what an abundance it was! The Covid-19 time did not keep us away, and our flights were on time, our exploring was well in time, and we had the priviledge to have our regular luxury coach and driver with us..

Our new Namaqualand itinerary is continued for 2021, where we fly in from Gauteng (Johannesburg) and join our guests from Cape Town, for a 6 day tour of the West Coact and Namaqualand.
All the best sites are included, and guests can join us on a wild flower tour of magnitude in the most abundand specie rich wild flower area in the world..

Kruger National Park is a sight to behold. The wildlife had a break with the decline in tourism since Covid-19, and are now living up to great sightings.

New visiting areas are explored on various of our tours, like the fairly new developed Geotrail on the border to eSwatini (Swaziland), and the Stone Henge of South Africa in Mpumalanga Province, the two 'must sees' for all geo-enthusiasts.

Crossing the border to our neighbouring countries in Southern Africa requires pre-testing for Covid, and after border crossing, some more tests.

Keep safe, Stay safe, Wash hands regularly, Sanitise, Wear your mask, Keep your social distance - that is part of the new normal...

New visiting areas are explored on various of our tours, like the fairly new developed Geotrail on the border to eSwatini (Swaziland), and the Stone Henge of South Africa in Mpumalanga Province, two of the 'must sees' for all geo-enthusiasts.

Join us for your next adventure!

Newsletter October 2019

Touring South Africa's Namaqualand tours for 2019 were once again an adventure! - like all our different tours, which are well researched and developed, and always fondly remembered by our guests, from South Africa and beyond.

A new Namaqualand itinerary for 2020 is planned, where we fly in from Gauteng (Johannesburg) and join our guests from Cape Town, for a 6 day tour of the West Coact and Namaqualand.
All the best sites are included, and guests can join us on a wild flower tour of magnitude.

New visiting areas are explored on various of our tours, like the newly developed Geotrail.
The stone henge of SA is also a new attraction. This is a 'must see' for all geo-enthusiasts.

Namibia was beautiful earlier this year on a 14 day tour, covering most of our neighbouring country north west, and our guests enjoyed the 2 night stays in various locations. We travelled from Ai-Ais in the south to Etosha in the north, and a great time was had by all.

Come join us for your own adventure!

Newsletter February 2018

We ventured far beyond the Southern African wonderlands of Nature, Culture, and Adventure, to the Holy Land and surrounds, and will continue to explore the lands beyond the scope of the southern tip of Africa.

We invite you to the history and awe of Israel, Jordan, and Egypt, on a tour of 13 days, where we visit amongst others: Petra, the Dead Sea, Jericho, Jerusalem, Capernaum, Cairo, etc. You can also do a shorter tour of Israel (8 days).

Both tours are the ultimate Christian experience with our dedicated Christian Tour Leader.

Our new tour program for the Namaqualand experience of magnificent wild flowers, has been proven a great success, and will be the same in 2018 during August/September.

Come join us!

Newsletter January 2017

A new tour to Namaqualand for 2017! We fly to Cape Town from Johannesburg, Gauteng Province, to join our guests boarding our luxury tour bus (coach) to the West Coast and Namaqualand. After 6 days, we arrive back in Cape Town, where the guests from Cape Town end their tour, and the guests from Johannesburg board the Premier Classe train the next day to Johannesburg, arriving back after 8 days touring.

We cover an even larger region of wild flowers in this wonderful flowery part of the world. Did you know that the Cape Floral Kingdom is the smallest of the 6 floral kingdoms in the world, but with the most variety of Species? Yes, and we invite you to join us as specialists in this region.. Endemic species are magnificent attractions, and we know where to find them...

On our home page, you now have a direct link to our facebook page. We post mainly beautiful pictures and videos on there - no unnecessary chats, so it will not be intrusive for you as a friend on our facebook page. Go befriend us!

Exciting future developments are in the pipeline, so be sure to visit us periodically.

Newsletter March 2016

Not long ago Touring South Africa returned from yet another successful Namibia tour... the land that relaxes you and makes you friendly as well, while you bask in the ample sunshine, and photograph every unique opportunity of the endless horisons and interesting sites and vistas. Namibia is the second least dense populated country in the world. Come experience it with Touring South Africa, the touring company operating from South Africa.
Another successful journey through Africa!

A visit to the south of Namibia brings you to the Fish River Canyon (second in size to the Grand Canyon of the USA), and the quaint harbour town of Luderitz, where you visit the ghost town of Kolmanskuppe, and look out for the wild horses of the Namib Desert...
The Namib is best experienced in the vicinity of Sossusvlei, a photographic paradise of colour and space...

Walvis Bay and Swakopmund brings you to the Atlantic Ocean once again, and entice you with adventure and let you step into old-world German charm.
The ride through the Namib up north and inland brings you to mountainous sites of ancient rock paintings, old world cultures, and green pastures.

Etosha National Park harbors the wildlife you need to see in their natural environment -- Touring South Africa takes you there. Book your tour now. We know the best times of the year to visit Namibia (and any other part of Southern Africa, where we tour to)

Social Media developments worldwide bring information, like this website, closer to you, our guests, which makes it easier to communicate on different platforms, like email, facebook, whatsapp, etc. Touring South Africa is constantly extending our reach to be inside your phone for you to easily connect and reach out to. Booking a tour with us is extremely easy. Just contact us on any of the many links that invite you to CONTACT US !

The reach of the touring services of Touring South Africa extend into Europe and Israel. We welcome our guests to a tour or two, for holidaying to any of these destinations.

Newsletter April 2015

During the last year, Touring South Africa has gained a tremendous advantage as one of the leading tour operators from Pretoria, South Africa - on Trip Advisor we are currently ranked in the top 2 positions. For that we are extremely grateful for all your comments about our services. Thanks to our great guests, we are continuing on a successful journey through Africa!

The recent extension of our services and tours includes a tour to the beautiful Kingdom of Lesotho, with its breathtaking scenery and friendly, relaxed people, who are good agriculturists, while their handicrafts abound.

Newsletter May 2014

Touring South Africa has recently added PayPal as a means to securely pay for the services we render as Tour Operators in Southern Africa. It is more trusted than a normal credit card payment, since our clients' credit card details are not disclosed to the service provider. They feel safe that fraud is curbed this way. More than a 100 million customers all over the world use PayPal.

In South Africa, PayPal is administered by First National Bank (FNB), one of the leading banks in South Africa, especially in terms of newly developed and updated technology.

The addition of our Mandela Remembrance tour was a welcome extension of our commitment to bring our guests the latest in popular tourist excursions in Southern Africa. On this tour, you visit, in addition to the Soweto experience and the Apartheid Museum, also the historic Liliesleaf farm.

Newsletter Nov 2013

This year during August and September 2013, the five tours that Touring South Afrika / Toer Suid-Afrika made to Namaqualand were a feast, thanks to our guests, who were so enjoyable, interested, and blessed with an abundance of wild flowers, in carpets of colours, all on a remarkably long season! Our hosts, wherever we visited and stayed, were a delight. Our train journeys were luxurious and relaxing, on time and well organised. Hylton Ross provided our luxury coach, and we all enjoyed our Coach Captain, Ashley, tremendously.

Touring South Africa feels blessed with so many people who made it an absolute pleasure to tour the Namaqualand region.

Once again, the LUXURY experienced with our accommodation and on the Train, proved that Touring South Africa keep up the exceptional and persistent quality that we are known for.

We already take bookings for next year's extravaganza of the magnificent Wild flowers in the Namaqualand region of South Africa. Contact us on

NAMIBIA came to the fore strongly as a destination of choice:
We updated our tour offerings, and now include a Namibia South tour, Namibia North tour, and a tour of the Far Northern region of Namibia, passing the Caprivi, through the north of Botswana, all the way to Victoria Falls - an adventurous safari which includes the Skeleton Coast!

Join us for a Journey into Africa..

The different tours are coming together in different series, and the DISCOVER SOUTHERN AFRICA -series is extended with the latest itineraries for Namibia and Botswana. Have a look at NAMIBIA, BOTSWANA, and to VIC FALLS

Newsletter Sep 2012

During August and September 2012 our Namaqualand tours were once again a huge success -- the flowers were abundant, and our guests had a wonderful time.

An outstanding feature of our tours, is the LUXURY experienced with our accommodation and on the Train, which proved to be well in demand, and one of the exceptional and persistent qualities of Touring South Africa.

Book your tour well in advance for next year's extravaganza in the magnificent Wild flower region of South Africa, by contacting us on


Newsletter July 2012

Quoting partly from: South African National Parks' publication, Kruger National Park Herald, which reported in May 2012

"Poaching War takes off"

The War on Poaching has gained new ground with the introduction to service during June 2012, of a brand new Ultra-light Bantam Aircraft, for service in the northern part of the Kruger National Park. Together with R 1 374 327 worth of donated equipment which was accepted by the Park's Ranger Corps from the SAN Parks Honorary Rangers, it will enhance rangers' ability to deal with rhino poaching,.

The Bantam Aircraft will be used by the Ranger Corps to patrol the 2 million hectare Kruger National Park (KNP).

At the handover event at Shingwedzi, KNP's Managing Executive, Mr Abe Sibiya, commented that "Our anti poaching teams can no longer only patrol on foot, bicycles, motorbikes or vehicles; but must be able to conduct aerial patrols armed with sophisticated field equipment in the huge areas under their responsibility day and night,"

In the first five months of 2012 alone, the rhinos poached in South Africa had already exceeded 235.

The SANParks Honorary Rangers from various regions, also donated the equipment inside the hangar, and contributed to the operational cost of the Bantam to the value of R 100 000. Equipment included torches, night vision goggles, thermal binoculars and scope mounts, which will all be used during patrols and other vital anti poaching work in the KNP.

"A Jeep for Anti-Rhino Poaching"

A brand new Jeep Sahara Unlimited 3.6 V6, valued at approximately R450 000, was also donated to South African National Parks (SAN Parks) by Sandown Motor Holdings Group. The vehide, obtained through the West Rand Honorary sponsorship initiative, was accepted by SANParks CEO, Dr David Mabunda on Tuesday 29 May at SANParks Head Office in Pretoria. The vehicle will be used by the anti-poaching patrol teams in the Kruger National Park.

Dr Mabunda said "this gesture has shown your patriotism for our beloved country. Your involvement through this sponsorship signifies a constructive approach in the fight against rhino poaching and is highly gratifying. It is indeed worrying that we are still losing such a high number of rhinos but the increasing number of successful arrests, and steeper sentences imposed on convicted criminals, is encouraging."

The KNP has arrested 38 suspected poachers until May 2012, "thanks to the increased cooperation from ordinary members of the public, and corporate South Africa, joining the fight against rhino poaching."

Members of Corporate SA, who donated the equipment and vehicles, and the SANParks Honorary Rangers, commented that "the protection of the environment is everyone's responsibility and critical for the existence as human beings" and that "this is yet another important tool in the fight against poaching. The bleeding has to stop sooner than later."

Source: Kruger National Park Herald, May 2012 edition

Quoting from: South African National Parks' publication, Kruger National Park Herald, May 2012

"Kruger looses two of its Tusker Legends"

"Sadly, Kruger National Park lost 2 of its tusker legends towards the end of 2011: Mashangaan (one who speaks Shangaan) in September, and Duke in October 2011.

Both these tuskers were well known in their respective areas and were amongst some of the most photographed of all the named tuskers, preferring the well inhabited tourist areas of the Kruger National Park.


The long and cold winter of 2011 was particularly rough on well known tusker Mashangaan, his condition had been declining for several months, and it was feared that he would not survive to see another spring/summer. He was in very poor condition in the weeks leading to his death, and his gait had become laboured and he seemed to be struggling. His carcass was discovered by Sgt William Ndobe of the Letaba Section on the 2nd September 2011, on the S69, close to the Hlanganini spruit and no more the 5km from his favourite walking grounds of the Letaba Camp site. No signs of struggle were found and upon seeing how worn his teeth were, it was agreed that his death was natural and could be attributed to old age. He was estimated to be between 53 and 57 years of age.

Mashangaan was named in honour of retired Regional Ranger, Mike English, who had a notable career in the Kruger National Park, starting in 1963, until his retirement in 1992.

Mike was well known amongst his colleagues for his fluency in the Shangaan language, earning him the name 'Ma-Xangane'. Mike continued his efforts in conservation after his retirement, and remained in the Kruger Notional Park as the caretaker for THEBA in Pafuri, until 1996. Mike's conservation legacy continues through his eldest son, Don English, currently the Regional Ranger for the Marula South region.


Duke will always be remembered by many as one of, if not the most well known, recent tuskers in Kruger Park. Because of his good nature, he found himself the topic of many documentaries, as well as the well know forum 'Duke quest'. A very docile elephant, he was always happy to be photographed and was often seen on the well travelled tourist roads of the Marula Region.

Duke had sadly broken both his tusks, the first in 2007, and in 2008 by the time of his death, fortunately with quick action from the Crocodile Bridge Section ranger and his staff, both broken pieces of ivory were recovered.

Duke's carcass was discovered by the Crocodile Bridge section ranger, Neels van Wyk, after concerns that the signal of the radio collar, which was fitted in 2010, had stayed in one place over several days. The carcass was discovered on the Makambeni Spruit on the 6th October, and the collar showed his last movements on the evening of the 1st October. No signs of struggle or fights were seen by Neels van Wyk, and the death was determined to be natural causes, Duke was estimated to be between 52 and 55 years of age at the time of his death.

Duke was named in honour of section ranger Thomas Duke, and the Duke waterhole, which he was know to frequent. Thomas Duke started his conservation career at the relatively late age of forty, in the then Sabie Reserve. He served with distinction as Ranger in the Lower Sabie area of the Kruger National Park between 1903 and 1923.

Kruger's legendary tuskers continue to thrive, and approximately 16 tuskers have been identified and named as emerging tuskers. It is hoped that they will continue to develop and contribute to the unique population of 'Great Tuskers'."

To learn more about the current named emerging tuskers in the KNP, go to

Source: Kruger National Park Herald, May 2012 edition

Newsletter May 2012

Touring South Africa recently launched a new tour series, see


The tours in the series will be updated and added on to, and promise a new exciting way of planning ahead an interesting exploration of the Southern African region.

"You can explore the BEST of South Africa and beyond, covering the sub-continent in different stages, by doing these different tours in the series.

These tours are ideal for the visitor who has 'done it all' before, and want to do something different, or for those who want to discover the Southern African region in stages, covering the highlights, and including much more.

By planning ahead, you can now budget for the most amazing tours to different parts here in our world on the southern tip of Africa. We are bringing you the best, on new routes explored, and compiled specially for the discerning traveller on a budget. Combine any of these tours to form a longer tour."

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